Pacific Jade (New Zealand) pellet hops 1 lb

Typical alpha acids 12 -14%. The aroma of this hop is described as “bold” as it delivers a herbal infusion of fresh citrus and crushed black pepper. Brewing trials have illustrated Pacific Jade as an excellent hop that delivers a pleasing soft bitterness matched to desirable aroma characteristics.

Brewer’s notes:

Suited for use as a bittering hop with some excellent results also being seen in dual purpose applications, with a soft bitterness attributable to the low cohumulone. The citrus aroma and flavour notes work well to temper malt sweetness in “fullish” Ales especially when used moderately as a finishing hop. Pacific Jade is also well suited to balance dryer Lager styles when employed as an “up-front” kettle addition to showcase its bittering qualities.

 *Note. Pellet hops stay fresher far longer than leaf hops in a given environment. Often you'll find 2 year old pellet hops in better shape then 6 month old leaf hops.*
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