Renting An Apple Press

Main Street Homebrew Supply rents apple presses through the store. Please reserve the press as soon as you know that you need it, or think that you will, because everybody seems to want the press for the same four weeks of the year, and usually only over the weekends. If you can take the press on a weekday, your chances of getting it will be greatly enhanced.

We interrupt this info page for a special announcement. As apple season winds down this year (late November 2008), we are putting our used apple press - and our apple crusher - up for sale. This is still a very usable unit and has crushed many an apple successfully this year. If you are interested, please contact Kevin at Main Street Homebrew Supply before Christmas. Why rent next year when you can own your very own apple squeezing contraption!

You can also, I hear, rent a press from "Sneads Needs" rental agency. The cost is more expensive (again, from what I hear), but I'm sure it will do the same job for you. You also can check other rental places and ask if they have any available.