Complete Homebrew CO2 Setup with Wall Faucet

This CO2 Kit comes with:
  • Dual Gauge Regulator 
  • Empty 5 pound CO2 bottle (We are not allowed to ship filled CO2 tanks.  If you would like a filled 5 pound CO2 tank, you must pick them up at our retail store for an additional $10, payable at the time of pickup)
  • Ball-lock coupler gas line with check valve 
  • Ball-lock Coupler with hex nut to attach to shank
  • 4" Shank to go through the wall
  • Chrome faucet with black plastic knob
Note. Kegs are in short demand and come from different vendors, therefore prices subject to change without notice.
Please select an option below to add a used cornelius keg to this package for an additional $69.95


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   Used Cornelius Keg ($69.95)

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