Kegmenter Fermentation Keg

Want an easy to use stainless vessel that ferments and carbonates? This keg has been modified to allow you to do both! The top is fitted with a large 4 inch triclamp opening with two ball lock posts and an adjustable pressure relief valve. You can use this vessel to ferment, carbonate, serve, or push the beer through a filter. The posts are recessed which allows you to stack these kegs up to 4 high.  


  • Rated up to 3.5 BAR (50 psi)
  • 4 in Triclamp lid
  • Ball lock posts built into lid
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Stainless steel 1.8 mm thick


  • As a stainless steel fermenter that is easy to clean
  • Great choice for 10 gallon ferments
  • Easy to pressurize the kegmenter after fermentation to push through a filter and into another keg
  • Fermenting under pressure, allowing co2 to exit via the relief valve, reduces esters and fusel alcohol production allowing you to ferment at warmer temperatures. 
  • As a cellar keg for topping up barrels
  • For holding and dispensing chemicals for carpet cleaning and other industrial applications
Available in:
  • 7.6 Gallon - $199.95
  • 15.3 Gallon - $259.95
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