Kegs to Go!

Very conveniently located just one minute off of Hwy 26 at the Helvetia Road exit, we are right on the way to the Coast and only 13 minutes from downtown Portland.

We have a large selection of over 100 different kegs **in stock** in our walk-in cooler. The variety changes (literally) hour to hour so please call or e-mail for an updated list of what we have on hand, but down below is a list of what is available with a one week pre-order.  Pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee that you will get the exact keg that you want.  Many of the most popular kegs are always on hand for immediate local pickup, but please call if you want to "lock-in" a keg for pickup later in the week or month.

Kegs (mostly) come in 3 sizes: a 1/6 barrel (5.15 gallon), a 1/4 barrel (7.75 gallons) and a 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallons).  Not all beers come in all three sizes, so call if you need availability.  Most American kegs use a "Sanke" tavern head tap.  Some of the European beers use a different tap, so if you are looking to get an imported beer you may need a different system. We will let you know which tap is used with each keg.

All kegs have a $30 deposit.  You will get this back when you return your empty keg shell to us. There is no time frame for the return and no late fees.  Bring back the empty and get your $30 back. If you already have an empty keg shell (even one that you picked up from somewhere else), we will take it back off you, and then you can purchase another keg from us and leave no deposit:  The deposit and the return cancel each other out for the $30.  

Note: Some kegs that are special order may require pre-payment and there will be a 10% restocking fee if they are not picked up.

Keg Rentals and Party Stuff

 We rent hand pump taps for kegs.  We also rent large buckets to hold the kegs at your event.  We usually have everything you need in stock but please call ahead if you are having a large event and want to "lock in" the rentals.

Hand Tap $20 $40
- - -
- - -
Keg Bucket $5 $10

 We also sell red plastic cups for your party as well.


Red Plastic Cups $6.00 per 50 count

CO2 Tank Exchange

We exchange your empty CO2 tanks for fresh ones at very cost effective-rates.  Compare us to your nearest gas or welding supplier! *** Please take your regulator off BEFORE you bring your empty tank in!***

5-pound CO2 tank exchange: $16.00
10-pound CO2 tank excahnge: $25.00
20-pound CO2 tank exchange: $30.00


We carry a wide assortment of craft and domestic beer on hand at all times, however THE KEGS LISTED BELOW ARE NOT THE EXACT KEGS THAT WE HAVE IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES!!  

Availability OF ANY GIVEN KEG IS subject to change at any time without notice. Kegs may not be available one week to another.  PRICING IS SUBJECT TO WEEKLY CHANGE.  If you are planning an event, please have alternative choices in mind.

Please call or e-mail for an exact up to the minute price and availability.  Order kegs one to two weeks before your event to help your chances of getting the one you want.

Type Name of Beer Size

Domestic Budweiser 1/2

Domestic  Bud Light 1/2

Domestic Busch 1/2

Domestic Busch Light 1/2

Domestic Coors Banquet 1/2

Domestic Coors Light 1/2
Domestic Miller Lite 1/2

Domestic Past Blue Ribbon 1/2

Domestic Rolling Rock 1/2

Import Modelo Especial 1/2

Import Dos XX 1/2

Import Tecate 1/2

Micro Barley Brown's Pallet Jack IPA 1/2
Micro Blue Moon 1/2

Micro Good Life Sweet As Pacific Ale 1/2

Micro Goose Island IPA 1/2
Micro Shock Top Belgian White 1/2
Micro Sun River Vicious Mosquito IPA 1/2

Micro Boneyard RPM IPA 50L
Micro Fort George Vortex IPA 50L
Micro Ecliptic Phaser Hazy IPA 50L

Micro Blue Moon 1/6
Micro Buoy Czech Pils 1/6
Micro Crux Pils 1/6
Micro Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale 1/6
Micro Ex Novo Most Interesting Lager 1/6
Micro Georgetown Manny's Pale Ale 1/6   
Micro Georgetown Roger's Pils 1/6
Micro Good Life Sweet As Pacific Ale 1/6
Micro Kona Longboard Lager 1/6
Micro Occidental Kolsch 1/6
Micro Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale 1/6
Pfriem Pils 1/6
Micro Shock Top Belgian White 1/6
Micro Sun River Fuzztail Hefeweisen 1/6
Micro Widmer Hefeweisen 1/6

Micro Anderson Valley Amber 1/6
Micro Anderson Valley Stout 1/6
Micro Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter 1/6
Micro Buoy NW Red 1/6
Micro Deschutes Black Butte Porter 1/6
Micro Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout 1/6
Micro Laurelwood Free Range Red 1/6
Micro Rogue Dead Guy 1/6
Micro Rogue Hazelnut Brown 1/6
Micro Georgetown 9 Lb Porter 1/6

Micro 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA 1/6
Micro 10 Barrel Joe IPA 1/6
Micro Barley Brown's Pallet Jack IPA 1/6
Micro Breakside IPA 1/6
Micro Breakside Wanderlust IPA 1/6
Micro Buoy IPA 1/6

Micro Crux Castout IPA 1/6
Micro Crux Gimme Mo IPA 1/6
Micro Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA 1/6
Micro Ex Novo Eliot IPA 1/6
Micro Fort George Vortex IPA 1/6
Micro Georgetown Bodhizafa IPA 1/6
Micro Georgetown Johnny Utah Citra Pale 1/6
Micro Georgetown Lucille IPA 1/6
Micro Goose Island IPA 1/6
Micro Hop Valley Citrus Mistress IPA 1/6
Micro Laurelwood Workhorse IPA 1/6
Micro Modern Times Orderville IPA 1/6
Micro Pfriem IPA 1/6
Micro Stone IPA 1/6

Micro Sun River Rippin NW Pale 1/6
Micro Sun River Vicious Mosquito 1/6

Domestic Coors Light 1/4
Import Modelo Especial 1/4
Micro Barley Brown's Pallet Jack IPA 1/4
Micro Block 15 Stick Hands Double IPA 1/4
Micro Boneyard Hop Venom Double IPA 1/4
Micro Boneyard RPM IPA 1/4
Micro Lagunitas IPA 1/4
Micro Lagunitas Pils 1/4
Micro Mac & Jack's African Amber 1/4
Micro Ninkasi Total Domination IPA 1/4

Domestic Bud Light 1/4
Micro Rogue Dead Guy 30L

Cider Ace Pineapple Cider 1/6
Cider Anthem Apple Cider 1/6
Cider Anthem Cherry Cider 1/6
Cider Anthem Pear Cider 1/6
Cider Locust Dry Cherry Cider 1/6
Cider Locust Dry Cider 1/6
Cider 2 Towns Made Marion Cider 1/6