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All Boneyard Growler Fills for Halloween!

posted October 26, 2012
It's Halloween week. And that means only one thing at mainbrew's Growler-Filling Station: 
it's All Boneyard, All Week!!

From Friday 10/26 until Friday 11/2 (or until supplies run out), we have switched all five of our growler fills to Bo
neyard beers. Five awesome Boneyard beers to get your Halloween festivities rocking and rolling, including a Boneyard beer never before seen in Portland and one that has been sold out everywhere for the past few weeks:

Tap #1: Bonehead, Boneyard's spin on a Belgian Pale Ale. This keg is super-rare and - as far as we know - has never before been tapped in the Portland area. Be the first on your block to try a new Boneyard!

Tap #2: Aleias, the return of Boneyard's Wheat IPA, which was brewed in collaboration with Deschutes. Only 40 kegs were made and we have two. For the moment. Sold out throughout the rest of Portland -- except for at mainbrew.

Tap #3: Hop Venom, perhaps the best double IPA brewed today (did I say "perhaps??" - excuse me while I slap myself; Venom is **definitively** the best double IPA being brewed today)

Tap #4: Diablo Rojo (the "red devil" - very Halloweeny!) , a smooth easy-drinking, perfectly-balanced red ale for those that want lots of flavor with a little less hops

Tap #5: Armored Fist, one of the two best CDA's (black IPA's) being brewed in America. Dark, strong and hoppy - another Boneyard work of liquid art.

We will be rotating out of these and into some other Boneyard beers as the kegs blow, so keep an eye on our website for an updated list...

Cheers - and have a safe and Happy Halloween!!


TAGS : boneyard, portland