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New Hours!
We are officially back to full time.
Monday - Saturday- 10am-6pm
Sundays- 11am-5pm 
4th of July Hours
10 am - 3pm 
 Feel free to come into the shop. You'll need to wear a mask / face covering. Please attempt to abide by the whole social distancing thing.
 If you would like to have curbside pickup, let us know, we're happy to help.

                                                                                                                                           We are a full-service bottle shop, kegs-to-go and homebrewing store located in Hillsboro, Oregon in a 4000-square foot warehouse.  We have a huge selection of grains, hops, yeasts and homebrewing hardware to help you to make any beer you can imagine, as well as everything you need to produce up your own home-made wine, mead, cheese and kombucha.

We are dedicated to customer service and even have a "kid's corner" with toys and a TV so your little ones can sit and play while you browse our huge selection of "all things beer..."

Our Store also stocks 700+ different bottles of continually-refrigerated (never buy beer that is sitting warm on a shelf, it has gone bad by the time you have purchased it) hard-to-find beers from around the world. We also have one of the largest selections of quality bottled Meads anywhere. Mainbrew stock's over 100 different commercial kegs of beer to rent for your next party or event, and we also can help you with taps, buckets and hardware to dispense the kegs at your home - for a party or permanently!

We also have 32+ different taps of beer many of which we fill growlers from. Bring your own growler or get one of ours, and we will fill it with some of the awesome hand-selected commercial beers that we have on tap.

We quickly ship hardware and ingredients (not bottled beers!) all over the continental United States,  Please call for shipping quotes to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.  

Mainbrew is located one minute off of Hwy 26, right on the way to the Coast.  Stop by and say hi if you're ever driving by! 

Currently on tap at Mainbrew:
                                                     Astoria, OR - 7.0% ABV
$15.95 per 64oz Growler
$6.00 per Pint
                                                        Not Happening
                                                      Bend, OR  6.5% ABV
  $14.95 per 64oz Growler
$6.00 per Pint
                                                      We Can No Longer
                                                 Portland, OR - 5.2 % ABV
$14.95 per 64oz Growler
$5.00 per Pint 

Offer You
                                                      Sun River ,OR - 7.0% ABV
$15.95 per 64oz Growler
                                                          $6.00 per pint 
           Growler Fills   
                                                      Bend, OR - <.5% ABV 
$14.95 per 64oz Growler
$5.50 per Pint  
Portland, OR - <.5% ABV 
$14.95 per 64oz Growler
$5.50 per Pint
ABV Public House (next door) has 32+ taps, many of which are available for growler fills!
                                    ABV Phone: 503-372-9117